Our Product Quality

We have the people, experience and equipment to sort, identify segregate and grade all incoming materials.
We have state of art facilities for Procurement , Sorting & Segregation, Baling & Briquetting processes.

Foundry Grade Cast Iron Scrap

0-5kg Cast Iron Scrap 0-5 Kg Cast Iron Scrap
15-25kg Cast Iron Scrap 15-25 Kg Cast Iron Scrap
25-60kg Cast Iron Scrap25-60 Kg Cast Iron Scrap
Cast Iron Boring Cast Iron Boring

Special MS Scrap

Profile Cutting Scrap Profile Cutting Scrap
Plate Cutting Scrap Plate Cutting Scrap
High Chrome Melting High Chrome Melting
Heavy MS  Scrap Heavy MS Scrap

Prime Plates & Sections

Prime Plates Prime Plates
Profile Plates Profile Plates
MS Angles MS Angles
MS Channels MS Channels

SS & MS Coils

HR Coil MS HR Coil MS
CR Coil MS CR Coil MS
CR Coil SS CR Coil SS
MS Coil MS Coils

Non- Ferrous Scrap

Copper Scrap Copper Scrap
Brass / Bronze Scrap Brass/ Bronze Scrap
Gun Metal Scrap Gun Metal Scrap
Aluminium Scrap Aluminium Scrap